Executive Director (Biography)


Margo Redelback
Executive Director,
Alberta Irrigation Projects Association


Margo is a registered Professional Agrologist holding a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Alberta and has worked in various natural resource sectors within Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Alberta over the last 25 years.

She worked within the irrigation sector, employed with the Eastern Irrigation District, working one on one with irrigators on numerous projects including assisting with development of on-farm efficiency changes, irrigation development and habitat development.  Her work on these and other projects within the EID allowed her to develop a comprehensive understanding of Alberta irrigation legislation and policy.  Throughout this time she was also involved in various industry led and district specific initiatives designed to educate and inform the public on the importance of irrigation to the Province of Alberta.

Growing up in rural Saskatchewan during a drought event she understands the stability that Alberta irrigation provides to producers and the communities in which they operate and takes every opportunity to inform others of this important fact.

Margo lives on and operates a 3rd generation irrigated crop farm with her husband and their 2 children just outside Brooks, Alberta.