2015 AIPA Water Conference Presenations

Dr. Hans Schreier – Canada’s Food Export Strategy in View of Water Constraints

Dr. Stefan Kienzle – Mapping Climate Trends Across Alberta for the Period 1950 – 2010

Reed D. Benson – The Colorado River Basin: Facing Scarcity, Seeking Flexibility

Andy Lamb – Building Flood Resilience and Mitigation in Alberta

Richard Phillips – Water Management in Droughts: 2015 vs. 2001

Ivan Friesen – Water Management in Droughts 2015 vs. 2001

Cindy Sawchuk – Dog Gone Good Inspections

Andrea Kalischuk – Potash to Control Mussels: Are we Ready?

Megan Van Ham – Making Room for the River: Learning from the Netherlands and the Discussion so far in Alberta

Kevin Whittmore – The Mallory Drain Rehabilitation Collaborative

Brian Yee – Alberta’s Interjursdictional Water Management Agreements- Past, Present                                               and Future

Dave Hill – The Water-Food Research Nexus

Colin Gosselin – The Economic Value of Rural Alberta

Brent Paterson – The Economic Value fo Irrigation in Alberta 

Jay White – Valuing Wetlands in Alberta: A Policy Shift 

Kevin Van Tighem – Heart Waters: Conservating the Headwaters

Ron McMullin – Shooting for Water For Life’s 30% Efficiency and Productivity Goal

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