Jay Lund – California’s Drought Challenges to Agriculture and the Food Supply

Laureen Janusz – Saving Lake Winnipeg’s Ecology and Fishery:  Treating for Mussels

Panel – Stormwater Obligations and Roles in Irrigation Districts and Counties

Erwin Braun – Panel Member

Kathleen Murphy – Panel Member

Jack Dunsmore – Panel Member

Judy Stewart – When Two Worlds Collide: The Struggle to Conserve Alberta’s Prairie Potholes and Riparian Lands

Matt Machielse – Provincial Capital Investments and Water Operations Post 2013

Dale Miller – Overview of SSRD Water Supply/Demand with Emphasis on the Benefit of New Storage in the Oldman Sub-basin

Megan Van Ham – Water Management:  What We are Learning from Modeling the SSRB

Rick Quail – Water Sourcing and Conservation for Communities

Rod Bennett – Conservation-Efficiency-Irrigation Expansion: Efficiency Gains and Water Savings

Harpreet Sandhu and Bert van Duin – Stormwater Reuse in the City of Calgary

Houston Peschl – How to Leverage Sustainability to Generate Value for Stakeholders and Communities

Bruce Vincent – Resources-based Business — Pay Attention to Social Licence

Len Ring – Issues for Alberta’s Irrigation Districts: Facts, Fallacies, Myths and Misconceptions


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