AIPA 2012 Conference Presentations

“Feeding a Thirsty World:” Food, Water and Bioenergy”


Brent Paterson – Global food production and water: The future is here!

Dr. Kurt Klein – Augmenting fossil oil with 21st century oil: Global and Canadian bioenergy

Dr. Wallace Tyner – Impacts on corn prices of a possible EPA waiver of the corn ethanol mandate in the US

John Kolk – The irrigation story: Tougher to be heard but better than ever

Dr. Stefan Kienzle – Climate change impacts on water supplies in the South Saskatchewan River Basin

Dr. Dave Sauchyn – Climate variability impact on rural agricultural communities; The VACEA project

David Marshall – Advancing sustainability in the Fraser River Basin

Chris Perry – Stewardship on the farm: Integrating agriculture, innovative technology, irrigation and bioenergy

Steve Leavitt – Canola: Where we’ve been, where are we now, and what’s in the future

Dr. Brian Freeze – Where is research taking us to feed the world?

Dr. Lorne Taylor – Storm water: A collaborative project

Heather Sinton – Too much of a good thing: Managing phosphorous on the Bow River

Maureen Bell – Water trusts: A new approach to instream flow needs

Richard Phillips – Irrigation’s conservation, efficiency, productivity plan: How far have we come?

Andy Ridge – Shaping Alberta’s water policy