Alberta Irrigation works actively with Irrigation Districts, area schools, professional organizations and interest groups to provide up-to-date information about water management in southern…


Having the right tools and mechanisms to allow for progressive and adaptive management means it is important to monitor and participate in the review of legislation, regulation and…


Alberta¹s Irrigation Districts showcase their continuing leadership in the development and implementation of progressive water management practices, to the benefit of irrigators, communities,…


With the increasing attention on water management in Alberta, across Canada and around the world, there is a need to inform the current debate and discussion about water in a manner that allows…


Adapting new technologies that improve water use is an ongoing process in Alberta’s Irrigation Districts. Automated controls, new water control devices and enhanced monitoring equipment…


Since 1946… since its incorporation, the Alberta Irrigation Projects Association has sought to increase the level of understanding of irrigation’s value to the Province of Alberta and to promote progressive water management practices. Water is vital to life, the environment and the social and economic well-being of communities. Ensuring water’s wise use and conservation, while at the same time, promoting the benefits of the southern Alberta irrigations infrastructure — are prime activities of the Association and its members.

With its headquarters in Lethbridge, Alberta Irrigation is actively engaged in a number of significant research, policy, governance issues and in providing public education and outreach activities. The AIPA is assisted in its mandate by its staff and the direct involvement in projects and initiatives by its members and project partners.

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